Within Chaos, Magic is Found

If we never had to reschedule a session, that would be the greatest shock to a photographer’s system. First and foremost, we are SLAVES to Mother Nature, and man, she is unpredictable. We are also slaves to our lives and we all know they are ever-changing. We are always understanding and love that our clients are as well!

I had a family session scheduled with sweet Megan, Taylor, Catherine, and Emily, but we had to reschedule due to weather. We chose another date and the night before their session, I ran out location scouting for the perfect spot. Lo and behold, I find a beautiful field with rolling hills, tall grass, and the sun setting to the west. Perfection!! I sent Megan a photo of the spot, and although she loved it, she told me there may be an issue with our next chosen date because of work. Bummer, but life happens!

Aaaannnd life also works out sometimes!

So, the next day, which is actually their reschedule day, Megan tells me that Taylor may still be able to make the session that evening. She’s got everyone’s outfits ready to go if necessary, and I made sure I had nothing on my plate so I could also be ready to go. The weather was perfect that day, so I sat with my fingers crossed, waiting on the final word…..we’re doing it! He thinks he can make it! YAY!

And then ANOTHER blow. THEY MOWED DOWN MY BEAUTIFUL FIELD YALL. Man, I was so mad. That grass had been growing for MONTHS and now, suddenly the day after I find the spot, they mow it down?! The horror, the panic, the sadness as I thought of the loss of beauty that field was going to offer. Tragic.

But, like this blog post is titled, Within Chaos, Magic is Found. We go to the spot anyways because thankfully, they did NOT mow down the smaller field area with the beautiful yellow flowers, and out of the car comes this perfectly styled family with the most perfect color you could have asked for in this location. Magic.

At the end of the day, what we see is not always what meets the eye. Part of our job, and our talent, is finding magic in the chaos. Whether that means finding smiles hidden behind a grumpy 2 year old or creating a beautiful, last minute session in the middle of a bustling city, that’s what we do and we love it. We hope you love it, too.

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